Definitions of Music Styles

1. I HEART POP – A LOT. Short tracks. Linger Longer.
POP is a musical genre that sticks. In a pretty boy-band kind of way. Usually played on elecronic instruments, POP consists of hip-wagging beats and catchy lyrics that are easy to remember. Often belted out by star-struck teenage girls (and their moms), POP is an AIR™ Scales fun fest. Best suited to back-seat drivers, long road trips and karaoke showdowns.

2. BEST JAM EVER. In the whole wide world.
WORLD MUSIC or Air Music is a popular music style that originates from traditional cultures across the globe. From Spanish Macarena’s to African Gum Boots and Arabian Flutes, WORLD MUSIC has a rhythmical flare that is rich in traditional dance – and will get you shaking your tail feather before you can say Gangnam Style. Even YMCA has its place. Okay, maybe not.

3. SUNDAY’S BEST. And we’re not talking clothes.
With its EUROPEAN traditions rooted in art song, chamber music and opera, CLASSICAL MUSIC stands the test of time as a revered and exemplary category of instrumental. With the Mozart Effect credited to making you smarter – and because we know practice makes perfect – Air™ Scales will have you keying your way from A minor to A sharp in your next concerto.

4. VIVA BRAZIL. No red cards necessary!
Long before Brazil became known for its sport, BOSSA MUSIC kept men and women moving to the rhythm of Samba beats mixed with complex harmonies and jazz-like passages. BOSSA NOVA translates from the Portuguese phrase for ‘new trend’ – and this is one trend you don’t want to miss. Embrace the sultry South American flair with ease on AIR™ Scales.

5. THE BIGGER THE BAND. The better the Swing.
Using harmonic structures of popular songs, set to a steady beat, SWING MUSIC will get your fingers rattling and your toes tapping. We promise. You’ll soon discover that ‘Swing While You’re Winning’ is not just an album by that guy from that boy band, who once lost his marbles. Swing really has that winning feeling.

6. WALTZ… ING Matilda.
The word “WALTZ” is derived from the description of the turning or rotating movement characteristic of the dance. When written out, it’s even cooler, done in time signature of 3/4 – a rhythm which influences even pop music today (think Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway). Learn it, live it, love it and get your waltz down pat with AIR™ Scales.

7. TANGO. Feel it in your feet (and your fingers).
Offset from Ballroom dance music, TANGO MUSIC originated with – and was made popular by – the European immigrant populations of Argentina and Uruguay. Its namesake dance sequence was recently added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, making this genre of music one hulleva rhythmic style you just don’t want to miss.

8. SALSA HOT. The Hot Sauce of Music.
SALSA MUSIC was born out of Cuban and Puerto Rican dance music. Inspired by cultural spices and hot sauces (seriously!), SALSA ignites the mood and holds its own when you’re shaking your body baby – and doing the conga! AIR™Scales sizzles on this practice.

9. AROUND THE CLOCK. How do you like them stones rolled?
What started rockin’ around the clock in 1955 has been credited with what made music popular to teenagers. ROCK MUSIC works its magic in a style that plays to either a 2/4 or 4/4 time signature and – as we know it – is often accompanied by lyrics. From the Rolling Stones to Stone Sour, it’s clearly a genre that is here to stay. So get your scales on the right side of rock with AIR™Scales.

10. COUNTRY MUSIC. Fiddle with the finest.
The fiddle. The banjo. The guitar and its pedal steel counterpart. All create a distinctive sound that collectively contributes to symphony of a ballad or dance tune made popular in the Southern States of the US – COUNTRY MUSIC. Whether its Jimmie Rogers, Willie Nelson or Garth Brooks that floats your country yodel, AIR™ Scales will keep your fiddler fingers fiddling with the finest.

11. GREEN. RED. YELLOW. Redemption Songs.
REGGAE’S biggest commercial export is undoubtedly Bob Marley whose greatest work is arguably Redemption Song. This visceral storytelling musical genre mixes suffering with celebration. Not quite what you’re going for on a first date, but perfecting the right keys with your AIR™ Scales in this genre, will make every day feel like a celebration. No redemption required.

12. BLUES. Sing ‘em, the happy sad way.
URBAN BLUES is credited “Rhythm and Blues” which in turn gave rise to Rock and Roll. Quite the lineage and deserving of the respect, this musical style is tribute to Black American origin. The 12 bar blues is the most popular (very cool!) and works according to a specific chord progression, while most harmonies use a dominant-7 format. There’s a fun and easy way to get your head around these variants with AIR™ Scales – anywhere, anytime.

13. NO PLUGS REQUIRED. Ear plugs neither.
ACOUSTIC sound is as close to the ground as you’ll get when it comes to raw instrumental. This genre has an up close and personal mood about it, using instruments that support only the real stuff. No mixing. No digitizing. Just good, clean sound – with a soulful purity that turns granny’s nightgown into a fashion statement. You’ll see.

14. SHARPEN YOUR WINGS. You’re in the presence of an Angel.
When you cross Enya with Jamie Oliver’s Irish Stew, you get a palatable sound that’s perfect for a cosy day in. On your own. With a box of tissues perhaps. CELTIC is a musical style that tugs at the heart strings as it harps and pipes its way into ethereal bliss. Air™ Scales will float your keys and chords to magnificent heights with your CELTIC choice – a folk grown style that truly deserves its wings.

15. THE STORY OF AFRICA. Is told by the drum.
Seated in rich, ancestoral tradition, AFRICAN MUSIC holds an hypnotic power that beats on through the centuries. Its gutteral mix of heavy percussion rythms and lighter wooden tones release the feeling of camp fire stories or star-lit celebrations, which forms its origin. Instruments such as the xylophone, the drum and the thumb piano are associated sound tools of this mystical style. Just don’t play too long, you may summon the rain gods.

16. CUBAN FUSION. Add salt, masala, gumbo and paella.
There is no other genre that mixes African and Spanish influence as seamlessly as CUBAN. Lost on its Asian origin, cuban music now dominates with an afro-euro flavour that shakes its belly to the pulse of chicos and chicas everywhere. The Son Montuno, examples this with its union of Spanish guitar and Afro-Cuban rhythms. This is Air™ Scales at its fusion best. Pass the Chorizo please.

17. SOUND SO GOOD. It bounces.
When music technology became affordable back in the late 1960’s, musos the world-over couldn’t wait to get their hands and ears on it. ELECTRONIC sound quickly became the sound of the future; using computerised composition, synthesizers and theremins to create body-rocking conditions that sends surges of “oh yeah baby” through the airwaves.

18. NOT OLD. NOT YOUNG. Just somewhere in between.
This is CONTEMPORARY. A genre used to describe an easy-going style with modern day harmonies. Never jarring. Always soothing. And never to be played at a teenage party. It’s just not “cool” enough. This playlist works well in middle aged circles – halfway between been-there-done-that and almost-own-a-1970’s-Mercedes classic. Let Air™ Scales ease you into this practice of familiar sound that won’t ruffle any feathers.

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