Violin stand and Viola stand

Violin & Viola AIRstand




The nifty safety features of AIR stand will have you doubling your play in no time:

  • AIRstand is the first of its kind violin stand & viola stand that holds your instrument securely in the air. Yes really. No more scrounging for walls and counter tops. No more bending, stretching and lifting your back into spasm.
  • AIRstand makes display and storage as easy as breathing, with its unique ability to float your violin out of harm’s way.
  • Built to hold not one, but two bows, the AIRstand has the innovative ability to rest your violin & viola on a protective foam together with two flexible, protective arms that case the instrument nice and snug.
  • You’ll just love the way your AIRstand works for you, and not you for it. No matter your height, AIRstand is completely adjustable to suit your length, making it accessible at all times.
  • AIRstand can also accommodate various widths of instrument to support most quarter size violins right through to full sized violas, as well as some of the electric kind. But wait, there’s more: it’s foldable too.
  • It’s black. Which means totally discreet, ultra-inconspicuous. Enough said. Your Stand. Your Moment. Anywhere. Any day. Any time. It just fits in.
  • The convenience factor of AIRstand is its greatest accomplishment. It can be used anywhere: at home, on stage, in concert, through practice, through teaching, when busking or just because you’re showing off.
  • Did you know that your AIRstand also comes standard with a nifty compartment to keep your cellphone and stationery bits? It’s true. Affordable Ingenuity for $99.

The AIR product-line is the first of its kind, ingeniously designed to lighten the physical and mental load of the musician. With AIRstand, musicians are able to easily transport, store, display and protect their instrument pre, during and post performances – made by a musician for a musician! Thanks to AIRstand, you and your performance can now rest easy between sets.

  • Weight:   4.1lbs
  • Waist Bout Size: 3.35in – 5.5in
  • Adjustable Height: 29.5in – 43.3in


Additional information

Weight 4.85 lbs
Dimensions 28.74 x 7.45 x 3.94 in


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