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The AIR product-line is the first of its kind, ingeniously designed to lighten the physical and mental load of the musician. With AIRstand, musicians are able to easily transport, store, display and protect their instrument with our violin stand & viola stand pre, during and post performances – made by a musician for a musician! While AIRscales is a revolutionary, easy to follow, Scales-to-Backtrack Guide that is designed for both the budding and professional musical genius. Set across over 15 musical styles, 2 tempos and ranging from one to four octaves. With a guide track, solo track and PDF score. It’s ‘scales practice’ without the grudge. With its unique versatility, AIRscales will give your confidence and your play a serious boost, keeping practice interesting, spontaneous and fun – scales practise without the grudge!

AIRstand Features
and Benefits

AIRstand will change your life. Practicality – with no strings attached.
This is it. Your answer to the perfect love affair that puts your virtuoso complex needs first, eases your artistic strife and fits in seamlessly with your highly demanding performance schedule. AIRstand is the first of its kind Violin stand & Viola stand that holds your instrument securely in the air. Yes really. No more scrounging for walls and counter tops. No more bending, stretching and lifting your back into spasm. AIRstand makes display and storage as easy as breathing, with its unique ability to float your violin out of harm’s way. Pretty wicked huh?

The Double Feature that’ll blow your hair back. Twice the play. Twice the safety.
The nifty safety features of AIRstand will have you doubling your play in no time. Built to hold not one, but two bows, the AIRstand has the innovative ability to rest your Violin & Viola on a protective foam together with two flexible, protective arms that case the instrument nice and snug. Thanks to our violin stand & viola stand, you and your performance can now rest easy between sets. And … exhale.

Less err. More ‘shew’. Getting a grip never felt so right.
So you turned your back for just a second, right? Just one second is all it takes for some inconsiderate no-name to kick and trip over your prize possession. Not with AIRstand. With its bolted clasp functionality, you can now suspend your instrument tightly above ‘kick-level’ to prevent scuffing and falling. For the socially challenged performer – this also serves as a catchy talking point (a real crowd puller) – so you can make more friends and fewer enemies at your performances. Ah, isn’t that reassuring?

Limitless Flexibility. Adjustable. Adaptable. Insatiable.
You’ll just love the way your violin stand & viola stand works for you, and not you for it. No matter your height, AIRstand is completely adjustable to suit your length, making it accessible at all times and totally user friendly. AIRstand can also accommodate various widths of instrument to support most quarter size violins right through to full sized violas, as well as some of the electric kind. But wait, there’s more: it’s foldable too. Any questions? We didn’t think so.

It’s Black. It’s Black.
It’s black. Which means totally discreet, ultra-inconspicuous. Enough said. Your Stand. Your Moment. Anywhere. Any day. Any time. It just fits in. The convenience factor of AIRstand is its greatest accomplishment. It can be used anywhere: at home, on stage, in concert, through practice, through teaching, when busking or just because you’re showing off. There are no geographical or atmospheric limitations. Except maybe the dance floor – that could indicate a social (and possibly) mental problem.

PLUS! AIR Extra. Cloud Nine just got a whole lot closer.
Did you know that your AIRstand also comes standard with a nifty compartment to keep your cellphone and stationery bits? It’s true. Affordable Ingenuity for $99. AIRstand was designed by a musician, for the musician. Meaning that, it has been carefully crafted with passion and appreciation for an artist’s lifestyle – including your budget. For a once-off purchase price that will change your life, AIRstand remains a budget friendly necessity for any performer.

AIRscales Features
and Benefits

Why you’ll sell just about anything for AIRscales
Faster. Cooler. Simpler. Easier. Seriously? Can there really be anything more mind numbing than practicing scales? Other than watching a quadruple bill of South Park? AIRscales turns major practice into minor effort with its versatile variety of tempos and styles. Pick it up, slow it down, run it over, again and again – it’s your call. So many scales, so little time: you’ll be Do-Re-Mi-ing yourself into ‘scale heaven’, with this entertaining, all-in-one musical guide. Adapted for all grades.

Backtracks that’ll rock your fingers
More backup means more A-Game. One of the coolest things about AIRscales is its individualized backtracks. If you want rock, you got rock. If you want jazz, you got jazz; if you want Sean Penn and Salma Hayek in the Paso Doble, you got that too – no, not really, but close enough. AIRscales is uniquely designed to support diverse sounds and rhythms from around the world so you can practice and educate yourself as you feel fit.

Love my Scales. Love my AIR.
Easier than ABC. Pinky promise. Remembering your scales will be the easiest thing you’ll have to do. The hardest thing, will be deciding which musical genre to play to first. AIRscales provides you with a written copy of each scale PLUS a Guide Track to your Backtrack PLUS a solo Backtrack. And how about the added bonus of two different tempos to choose from? So you can pick it up and slow it down whenever you want. All this at your disposal, all of the time. Silver spoon anyone?

Think of an Instrument. Any instrument. Now play.
Adaptable to all styles, all schools, all genres. No matter your choice of school or instrument, AIRscales covers them all. From guitar, to violin, to keys, to trumpet – you name it, AIR’s got it. AIRscales is comprehensively designed to adapt to the examination circuit of most musical institutions around the world. AIR ensures that the individual needs of the serious musician are always met. No instrument is too brassy or too tame to be played and enjoyed with AIRscales. Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano, Organ, Harp, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, French Horn, the Voice and many more.

AIRscales for all melodic instruments.

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